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WebAuth 3.2.2 Announcement

The ITSS WebAuth team is pleased to announce Stanford WebAuth 3.2.2, a bug fix and minor feature release. New in this version is a WebAuthSSLReturn directive that allows WebAuth to be used in a configuration with an SSL accelerator, bug fixes with the Sun compiler and non-GNU make, and other minor bug fixes and portability improvements.

For documentation and downloads of WebAuth 3.2.2, see:


In this release, we've also updated the pre-build version of Apache to Apache 2.0.48 and have updated the versions of all the pre-built stow packages to their current versions. The WebAuth build now depends on libgcc as well, also available from the stow packages page. Pre-built binaries are, as before, available only for Solaris 8 and 9 at this time.

The user-visible changes in this release are:

  • Add new WebAuthSSLReturn directive. If an unauth'd user shows up via http at a webauth-protected page and gets redirected to weblogin, the return URL will be https.

  • Fixed a bug in libwebauth that prevented wa_keyring from adding keys to an empty keyring file.

  • Fix various compilation problems with Sun cc, including signed vs. unsigned char mismatches and C++-style comments.

  • Fix invalid HTML in the templates for the weblogin pages.

  • Support older 1.2.x Kerberos libraries in mod_webauthldap.

  • Fix some portability issues with non-GNU make.

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