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WebAuth 3.7.0 Announcement

The ITS WebAuth team is pleased to announce Stanford WebAuth 3.7.0. This is a major release with improvements to mod_webauthldap, support for password expiration and changing in WebLogin, and substantial changes to the WebAuth build system and underlying libraries.

If you use the WebAuthLdapAuthRule directive for mod_webauthldap, please take special note of the first change noted below.

For documentation and downloads of WebAuth 3.7.0, see:


New Debian packages have been uploaded to Debian unstable, and updated versions will be uploaded to once WebAuth 3.7.0 migrates to Debian testing.

New Red Hat packages will be coming soon.

The user-visible changes in this release are:

  • The WebAuthLdapAuthRule directive in mod_webauthldap has been fixed to do something closer to its documentation. Previously, it was documented as containing "group <privgroup>" if the user was authorized by a privgroup directive, but actually contained only the privgroup. Now, it contains "privgroup <privgroup>" if the user was authorized by a privgroup directive. Patch from Ian Ward Comfort.

  • mod_webauthldap supports a new WebAuthLdapPrivgroup directive that names a list of privgroups against which the authenticated user's membership should be checked. All privgroups listed of which the user is a member will be put into the WEBAUTH_LDAPPRIVGROUP environment variable. Patch from Ian Ward Comfort.

  • The WebAuthLdapAttribute directive can now take multiple attributes on the same line. Patch from Ian Ward Comfort.

  • WebLogin now includes a password change script and associated template to allow users to change their Kerberos password.

  • WebLogin now supports password expiration. If the account password is expired when a user authenticates with a password at the WebLogin login screen, they are redirected to the password change screen, forced to change their password, and then reauthenticated with their new password so that they can continue as normal with their authentication.

  • WebLogin can be optionally configured to warn users, via the confirmation screen, if their password is about to expire. Currently, this warning requires remctl, configuration of a Kerberos ticket cache, and the kadmin-remctl backend running somewhere for that Kerberos realm.

  • The WebAuth Apache modules are no longer built with apxs, which allows a cleaner build and installation process. However, this means that the modules are now installed in <libexecdir>/apache2/modules by default, where <libexecdir> is specified via the --libexecdir flag to configure and defaults to /usr/local/libexec.

  • The --with-apache option has been dropped. Use --with-apxs to specify the full path to apxs if it's not in your PATH.

  • The --enable-mod_webkdc flag is now --enable-webkdc, since it also controls installation of the WebLogin scripts and templates.

  • The --enable-debug flag has been dropped. Set CFLAGS on the configure command line if you want to override the default compiler flags.

  • Catch SIGTERM in the login.fcgi script and only exit once processing of the current request has completed. mod_fastcgi restarts FastCGI scripts periodically by killing the old one with SIGTERM, which previously could result in internal server errors handed back to the client if the script was killed in the middle of processing a request.

  • Correctly encode RT and ST tokens in the URL when redirecting to an alternate URL to attempt REMOTE_USER authentication in WebLogin. Patch from Ian Ward Comfort.

  • The majority of the WebLogin scripts have been moved into a new WebLogin Perl module, which should make it somewhat easier to further customize the WebLogin interface if desired.

  • The timestamps output by wa_keyring list now contain dates in the ISO format YYYY-MM-DD instead of the US-centric and ambiguous MM/DD/YYYY.

  • Removed the webauth_krb5_service_principal function from libwebauth and from the WebAuth Perl module. This function's API was fundamentally flawed since it did not handle realms, and it was not used anywhere in the WebAuth code.

  • Change the libwebauth API to use size_t and other data types more correctly instead of always using int. This will require updates in all calling applications.

  • wa_keyring calls the OpenSSL MD5 functions directly, so explicitly link it with libcrypto. Fixes build failures with gold.

  • Lower the logging level of mod_webauth messages about setting cookies (to debug) and environment variables (to info, since that's the best way right now to see a trace of authenticated users).

  • Avoid importing isa from UNIVERSAL in the WebAuth Perl modules. This is deprecated in Perl 5.12 and later.

  • Mention setting $KEYRING_PATH in docs/install-spnego and expand the documentation in docs/weblogin-config.

  • Changed terminology in the WebAuth protocol specification to refer to a KRB_AP_REQ rather than the results of krb5_mk_req. The latter is a call specific to a particular API, whereas the former is the term used in the Kerberos protocol documentation. Thanks, Liam Atkinson.

  • The Autoconf probe for the cURL libraries now uses curl-config if available. The path to curl-config can be overridden by setting the CURL_CONFIG variable on the configure command line or in the environment.

  • Use --with-krb5, --with-krb5-lib, and --with-krb5-include instead of --with-kerberos to configure the locations of the Kerberos libraries.

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