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WebAuth 3.7.4 Announcement

The ITS WebAuth team is pleased to announce Stanford WebAuth 3.7.4. This is a minor feature release that adds support for optional authentication. It also fixes problems with WebLogin password change, compatibility with new Perl libraries, build issues with Solaris 10 and RHEL 5, and some other minor bugs.

For documentation and downloads of WebAuth 3.7.4, see:


New Debian packages have been uploaded to Debian unstable. New Red Hat packages will be coming soon.

The user-visible changes in this release are:

  • WebAuth now supports a new Apache configuration directive, WebAuthOptional, which can be used in directories and .htaccess files. If set to on, unauthenticated users are not redirected to WebLogin and are instead allowed access to the protected resource, but without any REMOTE_USER or related environment variables set. However, if the user was previously authenticated to that server, their authentication information will be present in the environment as normal. This is intended for use with dynamic content, such as embedded PHP or CGI scripts, that will inspect REMOTE_USER and decide what content to show based on the authentication status. Normally, unauthenticated users would also be shown a login link to a URL protected by WebAuth without this directive so that they can authenticate if desired. This feature is sometimes referred to as "passive authentication" or "lazy sessions." Based on work by niklas.

  • Previous versions of WebLogin interpreted a "message stream modified" error on password change as a failure of strength checking because that error was incorrectly returned by MIT Kerberos for password strength checking errors with a Heimdal KDC. This turned out to be a bug in MIT Kerberos, which is now avoided by using a different library API call that doesn't have that bug. This workaround has now been removed, so the error reporting from WebLogin on password change will now be more accurate.

  • Disable TLS certificate verification in WebLogin if the WebKDC URL is at localhost, since the presented certificate will generally not be a localhost certificate. This fixes an incompatibility with libwww-perl versions later than 5.837, which changed the default value for certificate validation.

  • Fix compilation error in libwebauth if assert() calls are enabled and the local C library doesn't define an index function. Fixes compilation problems on Solaris 10.

  • Fix an Autoconf probe for the Heimdal Kerberos implementation.

  • Export the defines to enable system extensions to the module config header as well. Fixes build problems with APR on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, which requires _GNU_SOURCE be defined before including APR headers to define off64_t.

  • Avoid problems with generating the pkg-config configuration file when the Kerberos linker flags contain commas.

  • Print a clearer warning in WebLogin when used with a mod_webkdc older than 3.6.1 and therefore missing the request token type in the repsonse.

  • Document the pt and sa key/value pairs in WebKDC logs in the mod_webkdc manual.

  • Be more defensive in mod_webauth against an Apache request struct that doesn't have the notes table or per-directory configuration filled in, which seems to happen under the Apache included with Solaris 10 x86. Based on a patch by Gary Buhrmaster.

  • Update to rra-c-util 3.4:

    • Fix broken GCC attribute markers causing compilation problems.
    • Kerberos library probing fixes without transitive shared libraries.
    • Fix Autoconf warnings when probing for AIX's bundled Kerberos.
    • Update warning flags for GCC 4.6.1.
  • Update to C TAP Harness 1.7:

    • Fix compliation of runtests with more aggressive warnings.
    • Add a more complete usage message and a -h command-line flag.
    • Flush stderr before printing output from tests.
    • Better handle running shell tests without BUILD and SOURCE set.
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