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WebAuth 4.1.0 Announcement

The ITS WebAuth team is pleased to announce Stanford WebAuth 4.1.0. This is primarily a bug-fix and feature release for the new functionality in WebAuth 4.0 and mainly of interest for WebLogin and WebKDC administrators. The changes in the WebAuth module for application servers are minimal.

For documentation and downloads of WebAuth 4.1.0, see:


New Debian packages have been uploaded to Debian unstable. New Red Hat packages will be coming later.

The user-visible changes in this release are:

  • Add new mod_webkdc configuration option WebKdcUserInfoTimeout, which sets the network timeout used for user information service queries and multifactor authentications. The default timeout is 30 seconds. Timeout support requires compiling with remctl 3.1 or later.

  • Add new mod_webkdc configuration option WebKdcUserInfoIgnoreFail, which if set tells mod_webkdc to not fail the login if a user information service is configured but cannot be queried (either due to timeout or due to some other error). By default, all logins will be rejected if a user information service is configured but returns an error. If this option is set, the login can proceed, but only a password factor will be available and no level of assurance can be set. Be aware that setting this option may allow bypassing a multifactor requirement expressed by the user information service rather than the destination site.

  • Really fix compilation without remctl libraries. The previous change would always define HAVE_REMCTL even if the libraries weren't found.

  • If the remctl_set_ccache function is available, use it instead of setenv of KRB5CCNAME to set the ticket cache location when making user information service calls. This at least only affects thread state instead of global process state and doesn't leak memory.

  • Fix error handling in WebLogin when the password field on the login form is left blank. The correct error is now returned, leaving the user at the login page, rather than giving the user a generic error page. Thanks to Petr Grolmus for the report.

  • Display the correct WebLogin error when the user enters a password and omits the username, and avoid attempting to authenticate with an empty username.

  • Drop library support for base64-encoded token attributes. This was never used in the WebAuth code.

  • Drop the webauth_info_build and webauth_info_version functions from the libwebauth library and instead build the version and build information directly into the modules. These functions were only used to get information for startup logging and reported versions in the modules.

  • Document in the mod_webauth manual a problematic interaction of URL parsing between Apache and Tomcat that affects any Apache authentication mechanism used to protect URLs that are proxied to Tomcat. Apache configuration to restrict access to proxied URLs needs to allow for URI path parameters at the end of path segments.

  • Update to rra-c-util 4.2:

    • Improve the xstrndup utility function.
    • Kerberos test configuration now goes in tests/config.
    • The principal of the test keytab is determined automatically.
    • Build on systems where krb5/krb5.h exists but krb5.h does not.
    • Add bail_krb5 and diag_krb5 test utility functions.
    • Simplify the test suite calls for Kerberos and remctl tests.
    • Ensure config.h is included for portable/stdbool.h.
    • Add test wrappers around asprintf and vasprintf.
  • Update to C TAP Harness 1.10:

    • Add test_tmpdir and test_tmpdir_free to TAP library.
    • Add bstrndup function to the C TAP library.
    • runtests now frees all allocated resources on exit.
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