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WebAuth 4.2.0 Announcement

The ITS WebAuth team is pleased to announce Stanford WebAuth 4.2.0. This release adds support for Apache 2.4 and deprecates support for AuthType StanfordAuth, and contains some additional features and bug fixes. It also starts a major refactoring of the libwebauth and Perl WebAuth APIs.

For documentation and downloads of WebAuth 4.2.0, see:


New Debian packages built against Apache 2.4 have been uploaded to Debian experimental.

The user-visible changes in this release are:

  • Port to Apache 2.4 (tested with Apache 2.4.1).

  • Support for AuthType StanfordAuth has been deprecated and will be removed from mod_webauth and mod_webauthldap in a subsequent release.

  • Support for AuthType StanfordAuth in mod_webauthldap is not available when built with Apache 2.4. This includes treating "require group" directives where the group contains a colon as "require privgroup" and setting the SU_AUTH_DIRMAIL, SU_AUTH_DIRNAME, and SU_AUTH_UNIVID environment variables. This behavior is currently still supported for now when built with Apache 2.2 or earlier, but is deprecated as mentioned above.

  • Support Kerberos keyring ticket caches for passing delegated credentials from mod_webauth to CGI and embedded code. Set possessor permissions on Kerberos keyring tickets so that other processes running as the same UID should not have access. Patch from Benjamin Coddington.

  • Fix merging of mod_webkdc Apache directives in some corner cases where the directive has a default value or is explicitly set to off.

  • WebLogin now only sets a SIGTERM handler to defer exit while processing a request. This will hopefully fix orphaned login.fcgi and pwchange.fcgi processes due to SIGTERM arriving while waiting in the FastCGI listen loop and then never being woken up again.

  • The WebAuth Perl module API now requires creating a WebAuth object first and passing that object as the first argument to all other functions except the krb5_* functions. This is the first step in making the API more object-oriented. The only export groups provided are :const and :krb5, and all other export requests should be removed. All users will need code changes to work with the new API. WebAuth::Krb5 has not yet been converted, but will be in a subsequent release. This means that the WebKDC and WebLogin Perl modules in this release require the WebAuth module from this release and vice versa, so be careful of partial upgrades.

  • Add new tools/webauth-make-tokens script to generate WebAuth tokens given a configuration file and keyring. This is not installed by default and is normally only used to generate test data, but it may be useful in some other cases of manual token generation.

  • webauth_token_encode now correctly allows id tokens of type krb5 to omit the subject attribute. The receiver is supposed to determine the subject via the Kerberos authenticator.

  • All key and keyring functions in the WebAuth library API have changed to take the WebAuth context and use APR memory management and new-style error message handling. All the *_free functions have therefore been removed. Keyrings are now represented by an APR array; callers that want to walk through the keyring entries will need the relevant APR headers. Functions that could only fail if memory allocation failed now either return new objects directly or are declared void, since APR code assumes memory allocation does not fail. The API now uses named structs instead of typedefs.

  • webauth_key_create will now create a random key if passed NULL for the key material. It also now returns a status code so that better error messages can be reported.

  • webauth_keyring_read_file has been renamed to webauth_keyring_read. webauth_keyring_write_file has been renamed to webauth_keyring_write.

  • The webauth_keyring_encode and webauth_keyring_decode functions have been removed from the public API.

  • The constant WA_AES_KEY has been renamed to WA_KEY_AES.

  • The webauth_random_bytes and webauth_random_key functions have been removed from the public API.

  • webauth_keyring_best_key now takes a WA_KEY_DECRYPT or WA_KEY_ENCRYPT argument instead of a boolean. This makes the meaning clearer at the call site.

  • The Perl API for manipulating keyrings has been modified to include the WebAuth context. The read_file method in the WebAuth::Keyring class has been renamed to read, calling an underlying keyring_read method in the WebAuth class. The WebAuth::Keyring new constructor now takes a WebAuth context and calls a keyring_new method in the WebAuth class so that the WebAuth context can be tracked. The capacity method on a WebAuth::Keyring object has been removed since it's not part of the abstraction.

  • The Perl WebAuth::Key class now supports type, length, and data accessor methods so that Perl programs can inspect the contents of keys. It also supports a convenience new constructor that calls WebAuth::key_create.

  • The old webauth_token_create and webauth_token_parse functions have been removed from the public API in favor of the new _encode and _decode functions. The token_create and token_parse methods have also been removed from the Perl API in favor of the new token_decode method and WebAuth::Token::* classes.

  • The Perl WebKDC::Token module and the classes it defined have been removed. Use the new WebAuth::Token::* classes instead.

  • All WebKDC::* Perl modules now have POD documentation.

  • Update to rra-c-util 4.5:

    • Pass --deps to krb5-config unless --enable-reduced-depends was used.
    • Do not use krb5-config results unless gssapi is supported.
    • Fix test suite portability to Solaris.
    • Suppress warnings on compilers that support gcc's __attribute__.
  • Update to C TAP Harness 1.12:

    • Fix additional uses of local in the shell TAP library.
    • Suppress warnings on compilers that support gcc's __attribute__.
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